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Enjoy the Best Landscaping Solutions at City Bark

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Our Landscaping Products

With our products, you can ensure your landscape enjoys healthy soil and great looks.


Our soil mix is rich with nutrients, perfect for helping your landscape flourish.


Our barks protect your soil and upgrade your yard’s look.

Rock & Sand

Our rocks and sand are great ways to transform your landscape.

Barks and Wood Chips

Every yard can have great landscape curb appeal with Bark or Wood chips. Choose from many different blends, from large, medium, and small pieces to light and dark colors to bring out the beauty of your yard.

Dark Fine Fir

$27.00 – ½ Yard / $42.00 – 1 Yard

It’s our second favorite bark for flower beds, pots, and landscaping. Dark Fine Fir is aged to a dark red and brown; it’s shredded to more mulch and covers very well.

Small Bark Nuggets

$31.00 – ½ Yard / $50.00 – 1 Yard

The SMALLER brother of the nuggets- they take after their bigger brother, just with a different look.
Small Nuggets come in sizes between 5/8″ to 3/4″

Cedar Chips

$29.00 – ½ Yard / $46.00 1-Yard

Cedar Chips are long-lasting and break down over time to provide added nutrients to the soil. They also discourage insects and fleas from taking up the home in the yard garden. Cedar Chips are also great for children and pet play areas because they are clean and have minimal slivers.

Medium Dark Hemlock

$32.00 – ½ Yard / $52.00 – 1 Yard

It’s our second favorite bark for flower beds, pots, and landscaping. Dark Fine Fir is aged to a dark red and brown; it’s shredded to more mulch and covers very well.

Medium Bark Nuggets

$31.00 – ½ Yard / $50.00 – 1 Yard

Medium Nuggets are the BIGGER brother in our nugget family. Medium Nuggets are great for walking trails as well as landscapes that require minimal care.
Medium Nuggets are 1 1/2″ to 2″

Medium Fresh Fir

$27.00- ½ Yard / $42.00 – 1 Yard

With our most popular bark, you will get the best bang for your dollar. You can’t go wrong with Fresh Fir. If you’re looking for a bright red great-smelling bark, this is the one you need. It also adds excellent nutrients to your soil.

Fresh Hemlock

$32.00 – ½ Yard / $52.00 – 1 Yard

Fresh Hemlock is our sister to Fresh Fir, just without the slivers, and it adds more to the natural look.

Rock & Sands

We have a variety of construction and decorative rock to work in most landscape or building projects.

Red Lava Rock

$37.00- ½ Yard / $62.00 – 1 Yard

A flavor of rock from Goldendale, WA, has a consistent red color and helps keep the soil underneath insulated and moist, requiring less watering.

1/4" Minus Rock

$36.00- ½ Yard / $60.00 – 1 Yard

1/4″ minus rock is a great base layer for pavers, retaining walls, and pathways. It packs very tight and is easy to level.
1/4″ AND smaller in size.

5/8" Minus Rock

$32.00 – ½ Yard / $52.00 – 1 Yard

5/8″ minus is an ideal base layer for pavers, walkways, and driveways. The characteristics of this rock are the smoothness and the finished product, which compacts very well.
5/8″ AND smaller in size.

1" Crushed Rock

$34.00 – ½ Yard / $55.00 – 1 Yard

1″ crushed is different than our minus rock because it is mostly 3/4″ – 1 1/2″ in size. It’s great for driveways because of its drainage abilities. It tends to stay looser than the rock with a minus, which also helps traction.

River Rock

$41.00 – ½ Yard / $70.00 – 1 Yard

1/2″-2″ in size. Great for use in areas where drainage is needed. It can also be used in ponds, flowerbeds, and dry riverbeds.

1/2" Crushed Rock

$34.00 – ½ Yard / $55.00 – 1 Yard

1/2″ crushed is the smaller of our cleaned crushed rock. This is more similar to a 3/4″ crushed as it has a size range of  1/2″ – 3/4″ clean crushed rock. 

Pea Gravel

$38.00- ½ Yard / $64.00 – 1 Yard

The name Pea Gravel comes from the size of the rocks, about the size of a pea. It is colorful, makes for fantastic walkways and beds, and is also used in concrete work.

Crushed Concrete

$24.00- ½ Yard / $36.00- 1 Yard

Crushed concrete is for you if you have a green thumb and are looking for a reusable product for a base layer, walkway, or driveway. See the location for the current size.

Fill Sand

$26.00 – ½ Yard / $40.00 – 1 Yard

Fill Sand is excellent for sandboxes, filling, and base layers for ponds and pools. It may contain debris like little twigs and shells.

Mason Sand

$35.00- ½ Yard / $58.00 – 1 Yard

This sand is excellent for masonry work, pavers, and other jobs requiring clean, debris-free sand.

Soils, Composts, and Blend

Here you’ll find top-quality, premium soils, composts, and blends. Whether you’re building a garden, planting a new lawn, or having a production nursery, we have the suitable soil to fit your needs.

3-Way Soil Mix

$26.00 – ½ Yard / $40.00 – 1 Yard

3-Way Soil is a Screened Dirt, Compost, and Fill Sand mixture. This blend is suitable for planters, gardens/raised gardens, and reseeding for landscaping. Your flowers and vegetables will love this soil mix.


$27.00 – ½ Yard / $42.00 – 1 Yard

Compost has good nutrients, and it promotes soil microbes that aid plant growth that add to any soil or placement area. Helps to keep the moisture at the root of the plants.

Organic Plus

$25.00 – ½ Yard / $38.00 – 1 Yard

Organic Plus is made of aged bark broken down into compost —another good soil for planted pots or raised beds.

Soil Blend

$32.00 – ½ Yard / $52.00 – 1 Yard

The Soil Blend you find here is made with sandy loam, compost, chicken mulch, organic plus, and a pinch of fill sand. This blend will help lock moisture in and allow excess moisture to be draining.

Screened Dirt

$23.00 – ½ Yard / $34.00 – 1 Yard
This dirt has been screened to remove large stones, sticks, and roots. Good for filling holes but not recommended for structural applications.

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