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Our Services

Whether you need to dispose of wood or recycle metal we can help you get it done! We understand the importance of having an appealing landscape that adds value to your property and helps sustain a healthy environment.

We offer various services to help you achieve your desired landscape. Delivery Fee is based on zip code: Close-in Vancouver is $60, then $80 or $90 after that.

Make Your Landscape Beautiful and Functional

Got a bunch of yard debris cluttering up your life? Need to recycle some ferrous metals? Need landscaping products? We can help you with everything!


Our sustainable disposal solutions cater to debris and yard waste needs, ensuring a tidy and healthy outdoor space.


We believe in the importance of recycling and its impact on the environment. Our hassle-free recycling solutions make it easy for you to do your part in reducing waste.


Our fast delivery service makes it easy for you to receive your landscaping products. You can deliver your products quickly with a minimum delivery fee of $60 and flexible scheduling options. Please note that truck capacity varies by product.

Drop Boxes

Our DropBox service provides a convenient solution for businesses and home owners to remove debris from their yards without leaving the yard. We will bring you a box, you fill it with debris, and will pick it up and take it to our yard to be recycled.

Drop-Off Items Accepted (1 Yard Minimum)

We take the following items:

Yard Debris

$20.00 Per Cubic Yard


Clean Wood Debris

$33 Per Cubic Yard


$32 Per Cubic Yard



$32 Per Cubic Yard



$24 Per Cubic Yard



$19 Per Cubic Yard

For Really Big Jobs, We Offer Dropboxes for Your Convenience

(NON-MIXED LOADS OF ACCEPTED MATERIAL ONLY). We have different Dropbox sizes, and they all include content, delivery, and pick-up. Additional delivery charge outside of Vancouver and surrounding areas.

10 Yard box

(12’X 8’X 3′) $460.00

20 Yard box

(16’X ‘8X 4’) $630.00

40 Yard box

(21’X 8’X 8′) $750.00

How it Works

Follow our process to enhance your yard!

Contact Us

Call or send us a message providing info about your yard’s current needs.

Choose a Service

Whether you need to dispose of debris or recycle ferrous metal we’ll get to work.

Get it Done!

Once you have selected the service we’ll arrive at your property and ensure your yard looks clean.


Garbage of any kind, including; Food waste, Plastic, Glass, Construction materials (other than clean wood), Painted/Stained/Pressure treated wood, Railroad ties, red brick, landscape fabric, particle board, etc.
Unsure if your item is accepted? Give us a call for specific details; we’re happy to help!

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